[Top 5] No Man's Sky Best Freighter (And How To Get Them) (2024)

As No Man’s Sky has evolved since its release in 2016, there have been many updates and changes that have improved gameplay for its player base. One major update that has improved life for all intergalactic traders was the freighters. Also, known as capital ships, freighters act much like real freighters.

Serving as a base in space, these massive ships serve as a place for players to store their starships, both recovered and purchased. You can house up to nine starships in your freighter, keeping them safe and retrieving those you have found from distress signals. . This is an effective way to use it if you love salvaging lost ships, after fixing the broken parts, they are teleported to your freighter.

But what makes a good freighter, and how can you tell? What are the important features to have in your dream freighter?

First things first, the outside of the freighter is simply for aesthetics. The size of the ship is not relative to its storage. The storage of the ships is related to their class. Similar to all weapons and vehicles in No Man’s Sky, they come in ranges from C-Class to S-Class freighters. We have compiled a list of the best freighters for your No Man’s Sky experience.

5. Freighter C-Class

[Top 5] No Man's Sky Best Freighter (And How To Get Them) (1)Don't mention it, I got it for free from my relative...

C-Class freighters are often the first freighters that new explorers encounter. After three hours of gameplay and five warps, players will encounter their first freighter. It will be engaged by pirates, who are attempting to destroy the freighter and take all its cargo. After you have rescued the freighter, by winning the dogfight, the captain gives you the keys and relinquishes control.

Perks of a C-Class Freighter

  • The first ship you encounter is free, so this is a free freighter.
  • Otherwise super cheap to purchase, and very common to encounter throughout space.
  • Inexpensive to upgrade, meaning that you won’t waste millions of units before you can find a ship to upgrade to.

This class of freighter is the cheapest and easiest to encounter. As a first freighter, it is not a terrible choice, and it gets the job done. It can be used as a storage facility for more resources and ships, as a headquarters for frigate expeditions, and as a statement of power in space.

C-Class Stats

  • Between 15 and 19 storage slots
  • Nine Starship “Parking” spots
  • Cost 5M to 10M units
  • Between 5 and 7 tech slots
  • Bonus to Warp 0-9%

This freighter is a great starter and its affordability makes it a good choice to start with. The number of tech slots means you can upgrade its ability to access different ranked systems with different hyperdrives.

How to acquire C-class Freighter:

You will encounter this freighter within three hours of gameplay, so you won’t need to do anything before that. It is part of the predetermined quest lines in No Man’s Sky!

4. Freighter B-Class

[Top 5] No Man's Sky Best Freighter (And How To Get Them) (2)Much more common than the ships further down this list, it has a sporty look.

One step up from the C-Class, this ship is one that if you find before finding a nicer ship, it doesn’t hurt to purchase. B-Class freighters are very similar to C-Class as they are what are considered regular freighters.

Perks of the B-Class Freighter

  • It is relatively inexpensive, but an upgrade from a C-Class.
  • Super easy to find throughout the galaxy, just warp a few times.
  • It has decent storage capabilities for an early-game freighter.

The only reason this class inches up on the list is that it has double the bonus to the warp drive. You can have the same number of storage slots on these as the C-Class.

B-Class Freighter Stats

  • Between 15 and 19 storage spaces
  • Nine Starship “Parking” spots
  • Cost between 10M and 20M
  • Between 15 and 19 storage slots
  • Between 5 and 7 tech spots
  • Bonus to Warp Drive is 10-19%

How To Get a B-Class freighter:

Like all things in No Man’s Sky, it comes down to luck for these to be generated. The wealthier the systems, the better the odds of finding higher-class ships however, if you are hunting for a better freighter, go look for a wealthier star system.

3. Freighter S-Class

[Top 5] No Man's Sky Best Freighter (And How To Get Them) (3)This design is the blade, because it looks like a giant axe.

The next best freighter you can get, which still falls under the regular freighter category, is any S-class freighter. They have the best stats available and can be improved upon to higher levels than any others. While regular A-class freighters are solid, they start to cost too many units.

Perks of Using an S-Class

  • They will be less expensive over time, as you won’t spend units beefing up lower-class ships.
  • They can have the most tech spots available, allowing you to install all of your favorite technologies and upgrades.
  • Usually, they are cooler looking compared to the lower classes, so aesthetic value means something.

While you can have a solid ship that is an A-class, it ends up being worth more to grind for the S-ranked, so you can sink more units into upgrading that freighter versus spending your billions on a freighter that isn’t going to be one you hold onto until you find something better.

Stats of an S-Class Freighter

  • Nine Starship “Parking” spots
  • The cost is roughly 23 million units
  • Between 22 and 29 storage slots
  • Between 8 and 14 cargo slots
  • Up to 21 tech slots
  • Bonus to warp drive is 31-40%

These ships are wonderful because they are fairly affordable, and you can add plenty of technologies to improve your freighter. Also, it will increase the amount of storage you have on your freighter. This means if you are someone who crafts as a method of money making, that means you can save an immense amount of crafting supplies.

How to get S-Class Regular Freighter

Where to find these S-ranked freighters? The best chance of encountering them is to go to wealthy solar systems. The more warps you can make, your will have better odds of encountering an S-ranked.

2. Sentinel Dreadnought - S-Class - Tier 3

[Top 5] No Man's Sky Best Freighter (And How To Get Them) (4)

Matching the sentinel responders desgin, these ship are a beaut.

One of the cooler freighter designs is the sentinel. Taking its design from the sentinels (bet you didn’t see that coming!) This is a freighter that you can be proud of. It can have immense storage and technology slot capabilities as an S-Class Capital ship.

Perks of the Sentinel Dreadnought

  • It has a large amount of storage space, cargo space, and technology slots.
  • Defensive Turrets, although not extraordinarily useful, can provide some minimal support against pirates if your fleet is nearby when in a dogfight. These could potentially be useful in the near future with other Freighter updates?
  • Easy to land in the hangar (you won’t get stuck bouncing around the outside of the freighters hitbox)

Stats of the Sentinel S-Class

  • Nine Starship “Parking” spots
  • Cost is dependent on how many slots are already installed, but up to 178 million units
  • Can have up to 48 storage slots
  • Can have up to 48 cargo slots
  • Up to 21 tech slots
  • Bonus to warp drive is 31-40%

How to Get a Sentinel Dreadnought S-Class

Honestly, it's luck. But you can improve your luck by going to wealthy systems, where S-Class freighters have a 5% chance to spawn, which means your odds of finding one are much higher there.

1. - Resurgent-Venator - S Class

[Top 5] No Man's Sky Best Freighter (And How To Get Them) (5)

Cue the Imperial March, this looks like a ship out of Star Wars.

The Resurgent-Venator is one of the coolest ships in No Man’s Sky. It is the biggest ship, it comes with the ability to get the most cargo, technology, and bonus storage space. It also has the most exterior turrets out of all the freighters. Currently, they cannot be used for any real intense combat, but they provide supporting fire if you are battling near them. But as with most things in No Man’s Sky, you never know when they are going to become much more useful.

Perks of using the Venator S-Class

It has exterior turrets that can be used to defend against pirates, as a distraction, and bonus damage to pirate ships, although they cannot be destroyed by them, can help if there is a dogfight in the same system. This is what separates this from the other capital ship, the dreadnought

  • S-Ranked Capital ships have the most slots for storage of all freighters.
  • Most tech spaces are for a freighter, so you can have an immense amount of technology boosts, giving your freighter an advantage in traveling through space.
  • Objectively one of the coolest ships, looks like something out of Star Wars.
  • All things aside, they have the potential to be the biggest and most powerful freighter. Maxed out it ends up being worth looking for this ship model. You also can get an increased hyperdrive range.

Stats of the Resurgent Venator

  • Nine Starship “Parking” spots
  • Cost is dependent on how many slots are already installed, but up to 178 million units
  • Can have up to 48 storage slots
  • Can have up to 48 cargo slots
  • Up to 21 tech slots
  • Bonus to warp drive is 31-40%

How To Get a Resurgent Venator:

Time, and some luck. But here is a tip for boosting your luck. All S-Ranked ships (freighters and starships) have better odds of spawning in wealthy star systems. This means for your time and luck to be well spent, you need to identify them.

Freighters have added another dimension to No Man’s Sky. Whether you are a ship collector, building a beautiful fleet, or growing a whole freighter full of NipNip Buds to make your millions, they have improved gameplay. If you are looking for the best freighter, these five are your best bet, from early-game to late-game. Now you just need to go find your dream freighter!

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[Top 5] No Man's Sky Best Freighter (And How To Get Them) (2024)
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