Ricky Schroder Net Worth 2024 (Yearly Earning With Sources) (2024)

How much is Ricky Schroder worth?

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Ricky Schroder is an American actor and film director who owns a net worth of $8 million. Starting with ‘The Champ’, Ricky has appeared in eighteen films throughout his four decades of an acting career. However, as a child star, Ricky is best known for his role in ‘Silver Spoons’.

In 1982, Ricky Schroder started portraying Ricky Stratton on the American sitcom—Silver Spoons. He appeared in 116 episodes in this series. After that, Ricky Schroder became a household name.

Apart from Silver Spoons, Ricky earned further popularity appearing in police procedural drama and western adventure series—‘NYPD Blue’ & ‘Lonesome Dove’.

How much money does Ricky Schroder make?

To sum up, here’s Ricky Schroder’s yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily income or salary:

  • Yearly Income: $1 million
  • Monthly Income: $83k
  • Weekly Income: $19k
  • Daily Income: $2739

How does Ricky Schroder make money?

Earning through Acting

Film NameWorldwide Box Office Earning
The Champ$30 million
The Last Flight of Noah’s Ark$11 million
There Goes My Baby$123k
Crimson Tide$157 million
Poolhall Junkies$563k
Get Him to the Greek$92 million

Ricky Schroder’s main source of income is acting. Over four decades of an acting career, Ricky Schroder has accumulated most of his wealth. Besides, he earns so far so good from his real estate business.

Well, talking about Ricky’s earnings through filmography, he has appeared in high grossing as well as highly budgeted films and television series.

Here are Ricky Schroder’s notable film appearance and box office earnings:

Domestic and worldwide box office, Ricky gained extra attraction for his role in “Locker 13”. This film is grossing well enough. Moreover, he ranked #4529 in the worldwide box office for his leading role in this film.

Earning through Real Estate Business

Apart from acting, Ricky Schroder earns through the real estate business. Ricky purchased a 1500-acre giant plot of land that is located near Grand Junction in Colorado. He modified this land and named it “Mesa Mood Ranch”. What’s more, Ricky built a 2500-square-foot log house on this property featuring three guest cabins.

However, Ricky Schroder listed this giant property for $29 million. Considering $2 million, Ricky Schroder sold this property for $27 million in April 2006.

This year, Ricky further sold a home for $4 million that is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In 2005, Schroder bought a 30-acre ranch estate for $4.2 million that went for $9.3 million in 2019. That means Ricky Schroder made a profit of $5.1 million.

It was his wife—Andrea Bernard who aided Ricky a lot in this business. Bernard and Ricky bought an oceanfront home for $5.85 million in Malibu. Being separated, Bernard and Ricky listed this home for rent for $30k per month. Fortune for them that they got a buyer who paid $5.185 million for this home.

Ricky Schroder: At a Glance

Full NameRichard Bartlett Schroder
Date of Birth13 April 1970
Birth PlaceBrooklyn, New York, United States
Height5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Weight75 kg
SpouseAndrea Bernard (m. 1992 div. 2016)
ProfessionActor, Film Director
Net Worth$8 million

Early Life

Richard Bartlett Schroder was born to Richard John Schroder & Diane Katherine Bartlett’s family in Brooklyn, New York. Though he was born in Brooklyn, Ricky grew up on Staten Island. Both of his parents were employees of an American multinational conglomerate holding company called AT&T Inc.

Talking about education, Ricky attended Calabasas High School though he faced trouble adjusting to a new environment. However, after graduating from high school, Ricky Schroder enrolled in Mesa State College that is located in Grand Junction, Colorado.


Ricky Schroder first appeared in the 1979 film ‘The Champ’, when he was nine years old. One year after, he won the Golden Globe Award in the category of Best New Male Star of the year.

Hoping bright future in acting, Ricky and his mother moved to Los Angeles. Moving to Los Angeles, Ricky Schroder appeared in The Last Flight of Noah’s Ark. This film earned $11 million on the worldwide box office.

Ricky Schroder came to attention after portraying Ricky Stratton in the 1982 American sitcom—Silver Spoons. He appeared in 116 episodes in this series. Since then, Ricky Schroder became a household name.

Playing a fabulous role in Silver Spoons — Ricky Schroder won the prestigious Young Artist Awards twice. After completing his part with Silver Spoons, Ricky began working in films like ‘Too Young the Hero’, ‘Across the Tracks’, ‘There Goes My Baby’, ‘Black Cloud’, and so on.

In 1995, Ricky portrayed Lt. Paul Hellerman in the American submarine film—Crimson Tide. This film is a high grossing film. In the worldwide box office, Crimson Tide earned $157 million.

In television series, Ricky Schroder earned further popularity appearing in NYPD Blue and Lonesome Dove. He portrayed Det. Danny Sorenson and Newt Dobbs in these television series.

As a film director, Ricky is credited with Black Cloud, Locker 13, Hellhounds, and Our Wild Hearts.

However, this American actor is still with the film industry. Throughout his four decades of an acting career, Ricky Schroder has won ten Awards and thirteen nominations so far.

Here are Ricky Schroder’s winning awards:

  • Golden Globe Award
  • Nashville Award
  • Phoenix Film Festival Award
  • San Diego Film Festival Award
  • Temecula Valley International Film Festival Award
  • Stinker Award
  • Western Heritage Award
  • Young Artist Award (two times)


Where Does Ricky Schroder Live?

Ricky Schroder, his wife, and their two sons are now living in an oceanfront home near Los Angeles — because of Ricky’s filming schedule. They sold their giant property—Mesa Mood Ranch—in 2006.

Who Are Ricky Schroder’s Children?

Silver Spoons star Ricky Schroder has two daughters and two sons. They are Cambrie Schroder, Luke William Schroder, Faith Anne Schroder, and Holden Richard Schroder.

Is Ricky Schroder A Supporter Of Donald Trump?

Yes, actor Ricky Schroder is a strong Trump supporter. He planned to be in Washington, D.C., — to be a part of the Trump rally or to protest the inauguration of Joe Biden.

How Much Money Ricky Schroder Contributed To Bailout Fund Of Kyle Rittenhouse?

Kyle Rittenhouse became free from prison — thanks to Ricky Schroder who contributed $150k to the bailout fund of Rittenhouse. Kyle’s bill was $2 million. To accumulate this amount, Ricky and Lindell aided him a lot. Ricky paid $150k where Kyle received $50k from Lindell.

How Old Was Ricky Schroder In Lonesome Dove?

Actor Ricky Schroder portrayed Newt Dobbs—a young cowboy—in the television series Lonesome Dove. An interesting fact is that Ricky was only 18 when he appeared in this series. What’s more, he was only nine, when he first appeared on the television screen.


Ricky Schroder Net Worth 2024 (Yearly Earning With Sources) (2024)
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