MY DAUGHTER PRANKS ABBY LEE *she freaks out* (2023)


I told Abby Lee Miller that if she can transform my daughter Salish into a dancer in one hour then she'll get a Netflix show, but the entire thing is a prank! Elliana Walmsley coaches Salish on how to drive Abby crazy. WAIT FOR THE SHOCKING ENDING! Subscribe for incredible prizes every week!


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Video by Sandy Chase

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Wow, if you're still reading you are awesome! BOOOMMMM!!


Today, abby lee miller has one hour to transform my daughter salish into a dancer.

No, no, no.

I said, no, what she doesn't know is the entire thing is a prank.

What is wrong with you and eliana walmsley is going to help us do whatever is necessary to drive abby crazy.

We need ice this one right? Netflix does not need to see any of this abby.

Lee miller is in that studio.

And we've already kept her waiting for 15 minutes.

She thinks she's here to shoot a demo for a huge netflix series, starring her and salish.

But actually this whole thing is a prank.

I got someone to fake a netflix executive's email, which I forwarded to abby.

So now she's totally in eliana is going to be hiding in this room and giving salish notes all day because eliana knows what drives abby crazy.

What are you doing like you're late already jordan, I'm in a wheelchair? I drove here I was on time.

I drove with my hands like you're, always late.

Sorry, salish had a meeting with her publicist.

And then her manager.

And then her merch it's like she's, got a lot going on right now.

Okay, none of that is true.

Sales, doesn't have a manager or publicist.

But it makes her sound like she's too important for abby that's, all fine and dandy.

But don't keep me waiting.

We could have been at my studio right behind right by my house.

And I had to come all the way across.

Oh, I know, yeah.

This space.

I just like it it's.

A little abby has a beautiful studio of her own.

But I knew it would bug the heck out of her if she had to go to someone else's studio to shoot this video.

Anyway, I want you to meet her.

This is gonna be awesome.

We could get a netflix show together.

I told abby this series will only be successful if she's able to turn salish into a dancer in one hour, but we're gonna make that impossible say, say, are you ready? Okay? Because you're gonna be really shy that's.

It abby thinks it's great to be like outgoing, because she thinks, you know, you're gonna get noticed more.

But if you're shy, you know, you're kind of just in the corner like be as shy as you can be got it.



This is salish.


I told you guys, I'm, shy, but I'm, not that shy, hi, honey, what's going on.

So this is salish salish.

This is abby.



Nice to meet you.

Hi come on honey.


I'm just gonna bring you over here closer to abby there.

We go abby.

I mean, she turns her back to an adult, I know, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Okay, look, she's, a little shy.

Maybe at first, but this is a huge opportunity.

I mean, this is netflix that's.

Why I'm here, but she doesn't want to be able to use you to make her into a dancer, and we have 45 minutes to do it.

Okay, this is her name.

You know what it is.

I know what it is abby.

I know, I know what it is.

She's a little tired.

She was doing gymnastics late I'm going to get her a little sugar, she's going to be good it's going to be good.

Just give me one minute.

Stage mothers are bad.

Stage fathers, the worst that was insane, she thinks you're so shy, here's.

Some donuts you have to go in there act like you're, all crazy, just bouncing off the walls.

You have to act like you're so crazy sugar.

But you can't give any to her.

Okay, savvy loves donuts, but none for her make me.


Go be crazy.

Be crazy.

Oh my god.

What is wrong with you see a little sugar? She is gold.


Ready to go.

You ready.

Abby has a very strict policy.

No food allowed in the studio jordan.

This is so disrespectful.

Well, I hope you're ready? Okay, we're.


Jordan, stuffing your face and talking with your mouth, full is really rude.

So she's gonna hate him sweetheart.

You can't be that silly.


She had a lot of sugar.

So she's being silly.

Excuse me, wait.

What was that? No, no, this is my favorite kind don't actually.

Go look.

Can we get dancing because we're running out of time? We only like 354 minutes netflix needs to see netflix does not need to see any of this.

She just needs some sugar, abby I'm, telling you there is a huge giveaway coming at some point in this video, make sure to subscribe and like this video to be considered now are you gonna say hello to me at least, hi, hi.

That was a little smart wasn't it, hi, how about hello? Miss abby.

Nice to see you? Hello.

Miss, abby, it's, nice to meet you.


Now, bring it down a few octaves? Because that squeaky messy voice is not gonna work.

Yeah, abby I'm 11.

And my voice is squeaky bring it down.




Nice to see you better.

Remember that do you want any more? Are you ready to start dancing we're done with the jonas? Then my dad is telling me to wipe my sticky dirty hands on abby's shirt.

And that is so rude I'm so excited.

Can we start dancing? Yeah, I'm are you ready? Now? Yeah, oh now you're, like my best friend you're petting me like a dog.

First of all we have a big baggy sweatshirt on baggy, clothing drives abby crazy.

What is that it's? My wrench your merch? Who are you get that sweatshirt off right now? Come on kid.

Let's go dancers have quick changes.

And what is that it's my word I feel like I'm in a commercial you're, not ready to dance.

You don't have a leotard under that.


So you don't have a leotard salish has plenty of leotards.

We just chose to forget them, and you don't have any dance shoes.

Just those big tennis shoes.

I brought stuff for you it's in my bag in the back go.

Get changed come back in here, looking like a dancer.

Look like a dancer when you walk in here, she's not ready.

The dad is push push pushing this kid down my throat.

This is a huge waste of my time.

Do you know how many kids would love to be in this room right now? And having me make them into a dancer overnight on a television show and his kid could care less she's gonna warm me up, but you have to be so tired right away like literally after she does one thing you have to be exhausted because abby hates that when people get tired too quickly, so be tired like right away.

Okay, let's.


Oh, you're, ready to dance.

Now, yes, yeah, releve or rise up on your toes.

You could do this.

You have good feet close.

The rib cage arms out in a second shoulders down, relax, the arms jump, like a jumping, bean just jump point, your feet down, sugar crash in three two.

One, I'm.

So tired did you was that that might have been a little much just get up and jump.

What is wrong with this kid? Want some water she's telling me it's a little much.

She was hopping there is that better? I guess you might just need a break jordan.

The whole concept that you pitched me for for the big netflix show was that I create a dancer.

Yeah, from a kid, that's, a ice skater or a soccer player, whatever not like this comment below, if you think this should actually be a series on netflix.

And if I get enough comments, I'll pitch it to him, oh, my little girl, she's, just so tired, though she was up late last night.

I had a lot of gymnastics that's all I keep hearing this.

So maybe she should be a gymnast it's your job to transform her into a dancer that's.

The whole pitch jordan.

I've been with the chair over there, there's no show.

I can just go out on the street and grab any kid that would like she wants it salish.

You want it right? Yeah, see she totally wants it? Oh my god that was so good? Great job.


Now I want you to forget every single move.

She teaches you okay, like that.

Every single move will make it so much arms are crossed pretty all right.

So ready? Fondue.

Step arabesque.

Step through run run leap step out on the left and drag good see.

I think you have that right so go do it again from the top and then I'm going to add on that's how it works that was the easiest combination ever.

I do like two minute routines in gymnastics, but I'm gonna pretend to forget it all anyway.

How do I start b plus the legs behind? We call that b, plus and valley.

No, no, no other leg.

Little twist, twist to face the front, you know, it do it what's next come on kid.


I I don't, remember anything fonda where you put your leg out, and you plie on your back leg and your hands are crossed pretty wrong leg.

Okay, well, you know, part of being a dancer is picking up the choreography.

She did it great once, but I just wanted to have fun and play around.

But my dad kept reminding me to be shy.

Oh, okay.

Let's just remember so let's work on something else abby.

This is netflix.

Okay, all you gotta do is get it one? Sandy? Did you get it? We got it.

Okay, we move on.

Can we take a quick break? This is quick.

No no breaks we we we no.

We have 15 minutes later.

I think you have to go to the bathroom don't you.

Yeah, she has to go to the bathroom.

You have to go bathroom.

She has to go bathroom.

I can tell because she's doing this, but she has to go to bed that's, awful that was so awkward.

Of course, I don't know when salish has to go to the bathroom.

I just wanted to get her next prank from eliana she's 11.

She should say, excuse me, I have to use the restroom, well, and you know, we're going to make sure she's.

Okay, let me make sure she's doing.

Okay, who gets this big meeting has this big pitch.

This is a great show for me.

I mean, he has millions of followers.

This could be a great partnership.

What does he do books? A studio for an hour? One hour with this kid like she's gonna learn everything in one hour? This is what happens when abby tells me to focus shoulders down long neck, focus, that's so important for a dancer when you focus, then you pick up the correction and you apply it.

And then we move on to something else.

You know, these, what are you doing? Where'd you go.

Okay, this is gonna make abby so mad.

I just want you to just frantically run in circles over and over again, we're gonna take it from the top if you're watching this from the uk.

And you want to meet abby link in description, she's got a workshop coming up in early december.

What are you doing? Where are you going? What this this is? This is ridiculous.

She didn't come prepared.

She isn't focused that's number two.

She can't, even remember what I'm teaching her to salish realize that she has to be on 150 percent when she's shooting a tv, show you're gonna look down at the time I'm gonna be like, oh, my gosh, abby it's time to do my snapchat streaks right now.

I have to snapchat my friend straighten this leg, straighten it beautiful get into your big time it.

What sweetheart I'm teaching the lesson it doesn't matter what time it is what time what time is it it's it's 3, 15., oh, no, I'm gonna miss my snap streak.

Dad phone, please, oh, yeah.

You can't.

Miss your snap streak, oh, I missed it what's.

I don't even know what what did she miss every day she streaks with her friend on snap and she missed it I'm so sorry, say, well, maybe you shouldn't have made an appointment to have a private lesson during a snap snap snap whatever snap crap.

I don't care sweetie.

Come on back over here.

Let's pick up where we left off.

I can still do something at that moment.

I had no idea what a snapshot was.

And after that shoot my dad, let me get snapchat.

And I got a four day streak with nidal.

So the feet don't matter the legs don't, no, their feet matter me making a dancer overnight doesn't, really matter it does.

And I thank you, but we're running out of time, snap crap, it's more important.

I think we have like an eight, but I wanna get her to a ten.

So I've got something big planned come with me.

Salish is going to fake an injury.

I've got a bunch of dancers who are going to run into the studio and create chaos.

I've also hired two actors to play paramedics, and they are going to mess the whole thing up.

And most importantly, eliana is going to teach salish how to fake an injury.

This is going to be epic.

Stacey has been practicing she's, ready to go.

We have five minutes left right now.

I don't need to see the beginning.

Can we take it from the run? Run grandchild drag.

And now for the giveaway, a 1 000 professional camera.

I just launched an online photo course, with nas academy and I'm going to give this to one person who signs up for the course in the next seven days, it is online.

So anybody can take it? The link is in the description and I teach you everything.

I know about photography, it's, awesome, dragged it together and back hands, bring stuff out to one knee, beautiful that was it and we're going to go off.

I think we should just pose there.

No no, no, you don't need to do it again.

And here comes salish's.

Big acting moment.

Oh, no what happened what? Oh my god, honey, honey, are you? Okay? Are you? Okay? Jordan, she's.

Okay, she's.


What did you do abby? What happened? Why did you ever do that? I told her not to do it? No you did.

I saw you.

I said, you wanted to give me that ice ice.

What are you doing? What are you doing here? Why are you injuring this poor kid? What are you doing? I actually couldn't, remember what knee I heard this one right? Sir, she smacked her knee on the floor when she landed are you having me I am, oh I love my daughter.

We love you, not right now.

No, no, no, sir, sir, no, no, no, no, just wait let's.

Wait till we get her.

What are you doing you dig that? What are you doing to her? Wait there's, no netflix show, oh all right.

Stay let's.

Get out of here.

Okay, he's going down.

I got snapchat, though can you stop snapchatting? So we can keep doing the interview.

Oh, my god.

This actually happens in real life.


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