Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (2024)

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Zone 3

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (14)

Plant-based eating is more popular than ever, but does completely giving up animal products have more of an impact than the Mediterranean diet?

Google shared the most uniquely searched game day dips across the U.S.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (16)

Straight from the mouths of cardiologists and a heart health nutritionist.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (17)

Culinary traditions aside, registered dietitians share how to decide between them if you're thinking strictly about nutrition.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (18)

We asked people on a plant-based diet to share the most annoying misconceptions and experiences they've encountered.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (20)

Pastry chef Simone Faure on cultural appropriation, false allyship and the misguided notion that Black History Month is for Black people.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (21)

And why certain lifestyle choices may have even more impact than the food you eat.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (22)

It might be time to reassess your relationship with alcohol.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (23)

Little clues determine how they size you up and judge what kind of guest you are.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (24)

Where you keep your beans can have an even bigger impact than the kind you buy.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (25)

In a new report, Instacart detailed which places prefer Cholula, Frank's RedHot, Sriracha and more.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (26)

Even if you think you’re a great patron, the people who serve you say there might be room for improvement.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (27)

The moment of truth comes when they flip around the touchscreen at checkout. To tip or not to tip? That is the question.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (28)

Shai Lavi has re-created the family dining experience from his home in Israel that never felt lonely or solitary.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (29)

Sure, people love avocados. But if you’ve ever sliced into one and found imperfections, you may have wondered if love was enough.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (30)

If you’re unprepared, the change can be difficult. But a plant-based diet isn't impossible to manage.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (31)

We have good news and bad news (and by the way, it's called "rusting").

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (32)

It’s never your fault when you get a migraine headache, but you can try skipping these common initiators.

Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (33)

Three specific characteristics can really get things moving.

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Food and Drink - Recipes, Inspiration (2024)
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