Does Sweating Burn Calories | Help Make You Lose Weight (2023)


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Does sweating burn calories | Does sweating help you lose weight | does sweating make you lose weight

Does sweating burn calories? This video will answer this question, and similar questions like does sweating help you lose weight? Even though these two questions seem very similar because both are about sweating it does not mean they are. Weight and fat are two entirely different things, and that is what I try to explain in this video.

Let's start with answering does sweating make you lose weight. The answer to this question is an overwhelming yes. There are athletes such as wrestlers that use sweating as a means to cut weight for a competition. Some of these guys can lose 25-30 lbs or more in 5 days. That is incredible. Our body is mostly made up of water, so it makes sense that sweating helps you lose weight.

I saved the first question until now because there is not an easy answer to the question; does sweating burn calories? When you sweat it is many times in hotter environments or during intense activities that increase your body temperature. Both of these scenarios lead to a higher heart rate which in turn will result in more calories burned during the workout. This is of course in comparison to a workout that would be less intense such as steady state cardio at room temperature. To some this may sound great, but like I said this topic is not an easy one to get to the bottom to.

Since the workout becomes more intense we begin to dip into our glycogen and carbohydrates for energy over our fat stores. That's right our body begins to crave carbohydrates instead of body fat. Now this does not mean that sweating a lot, or working out in very hot environments will burn less fat than steady state cardio. This is because you will be taking a smaller percentage of fat burn from a larger number of total calories burnt during intense exercise.

For example:

Steady State Cardio: Burns 60% from fat of 500 calories = 300 calories from fat burnt
Intense/Hot Exercise: Burns 40% from fat of 1200 calories = 480 calories from fat burnt

There have been studies however, that show the exact opposite. Some studies found that to burn fat more efficiently your better off being cold. When you are cold it activates the release and transition of brown fat.

Does sweating burn calories? The best answer I have for this question is yes but it is a very small amount extra. Not only that, but if you are looking at this question from an approach of a quick or easy fix your kidding yourself. I promise you there is no quick fix. What you have to do is concentrate on working out hard and eating clean consistently, over the course of time. That is how you will burn many calories and lose weight. Don't drive yourself crazy with such questions, I know I did, and it turns out that it hardly makes a difference.

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Does Sweating, Burn, Calories calories and does it help? You lose weight, I'll start by answering the latter question for us, because it has some validity to it Does, sweating.

Help you lose weight.

20 definitely does help you lose weight.

There are many athletes to lose water, weight through sweating to drop weight for a competition, such as wrestlers.

Now you don't have to have an intense crazy workout to lose the way through sway.

You Does, sweating, make you lose weight.

Could really just go sit in a sauna and cycling around in the sauna.

You just need a really hot environment that cause your body to sweat.

Now, this is a huge misconception, the fitness industry and there's lots of products out there that make you believe that you lost body fat by seeing the scale down, because you lost some pounds from sweating from losing water.

Weight, there's, a big difference, I'm, not saying, it's impossible to burn fat while you're sweating have actually been numerous studies done on the stuff.

So one thing that was found was that when you exercise in hot environments, which is usually when you're going to be sweating, your heart rate increases and the intensity of the workout increases now something that people do all the time after they have a really intense workout with this one a lot.

You can see it in the Gatorade commercials and everything, you know, somebody has one of those Gatorade their drinking, and they look so freakin, cool and there's wedding that yellow /.

But those drinks are really high calorie.

You shouldn't be having them all the time if you're having a rough day, whether sure electrolytes you're gonna get that with your electorally.

Now, I mean, videos in the path to talk about how intensely reliefs to the mix of carbohydrates and fat your body burn.

So whenever your body needs energy and had a choice, I am I gonna use carbohydrates in really high intensity.


Your body does tend to choose your carbohydrate or glycogen, Does, sweating, help you lose weight stores over your fat stores.

So might be burning a higher percentage of Does, Sweating, Burn, Calories carbohydrates.

Instead of that when you're doing higher intensity workout or in a hot environment, most people observing such studies and findings will right away assume that since learning more carbohydrates, it's useless for that burn and that's totally not true and I can prove it to you with simple mathematics, Does, sweating, make you lose weight if you're burning 500 calories and your workout.

And you work had a pretty steady state cardio.

And during steady state, cardio it's out of normal room temperature, using sixty percent of your calories for the workout from fat and only 40% from carbohydrates from glycogen, compared to having a high-intensity workout in a hot environment.

We are sweating a lot more this time.

You burn 1,200 calories instead of the 500 calories.

However, because the findings are just described, you only gonna burn forty percent of your calories from fat and sixty percent of your calories from carbohydrates, even though its smaller percentage that you're burning fat you're, taking that percentage out of a much larger number.

Because of that at the end of the day you're gonna burn more fat in that hot environment, or in that higher intensity workout.

However, there are studies that show the exact offices there was a study done published in the journal of clinical investigation, its study 12 young men and found that on average.

They burn 289 more calories from being in a room that was 63 degrees in temperature.

So there you have two different ideas, right there that sweating and working out in hot environments may help and then working out in cold environments where your friesen might help.

So now I can finally give you the real answer to this question? Why are you asking such a stupid question? I know, the chances are Does sweating help you lose weight, you're, not a wrestler or a top athlete, looking to drop some water weight before a competition, you're, probably somebody that just looking for a quick fix way to lose some fat without actually having to exercise and diet.

God, dammit, stop being so lazy and trying to find a short putt I, got your answer right here.

There is no Does sweating, make you lose weight, shortcut, workout and diet properly.

Consistently over the course of time, that's.

It there's.

Your answer, Does, Sweating, Burn, Calories.


Does Sweating Burn Calories | Help Make You Lose Weight? ›

Sweating itself doesn't burn a measurable amount of calories, but sweating out enough liquid will cause you to lose water weight. It's only a temporary loss, though.

Does fat come out in sweat? ›

Your body must dispose of fat deposits through a series of complicated metabolic pathways. The byproducts of fat metabolism leave your body: As water, through your skin (when you sweat) and your kidneys (when you urinate). As carbon dioxide (CO2), through your lungs (when you breathe out).

Is it easier to lose weight if you sweat a lot? ›

It is a misconception that sweating helps in losing weight. However, the facts hold a different truth. Burning calories relies on how much intensity you put in an activity, not by the measure of your sweat.

How much sweat do you have to lose to lose weight? ›

A person can lose approximately 1L of sweat per hour of moderate exercise. A liter of water weighs approx. 2.2lbs, therefore it is possible to lose 2.2 lbs of weight per hour. The caveat is a vast majority of this is water weight, which will be quickly gained back once the person rehydrates after exercise.

Do you burn less calories if you dont sweat? ›

We have good news: according to Sander Rubin, MD, sports medicine specialist at Northwestern Medicine, sweating doesn't actually have much to do with the amount of calories you might use up. "Sweating is a much better indicator of a body temperature's regulation as opposed to calories burned," he told POPSUGAR.

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