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Body hair.

Love it, hate it, leave it or remove it.

Whatever option suits you, one thing is for sure… the politics around the way individuals tend to their own fuzz is a contentious issue.


Some forgo a hair removal method and leave it to grow as nature intended while others opt to be hair free through a hair removal method that suits them. It’s personal and completely your choice.

If you’re the latter of the two and looking for a hair removal method that suits you… Read on. With multiple hair removal methods available, how do you know which one to go for?


Waxing has a bit of an ‘ouch’ reputation. Waxing involves applying hot or cold wax to the skin before removing with strips to eliminate hair from the root. Used on almost every area of the body - sensitive areas will be more susceptible to pain so be prepared. Another thing to keep in mind is that the wax needs to be able to stick to the hair. Hair needs to be at least a ¼ inch long before waxing. This means that hair needs to be given some time to grow out between waxes. Not really hair free carefree if you have to rock the prickly hair before your next wax.

Side effects of waxing?Irritation, redness, bruising, bleeding, breakouts, and ingrown hairs

How long does waxing last?It usually takes about 3-6 weeks for hair to grow back.





Most of us are probably familiar with shaving. Shaving works by cutting the hair with a razor at the skin level. For this reason, hair will often grow back within 1-3 days which means you have to shave every second or third day in order to remain hair free. Make sure that you use a proper shaving cream or oil and sharp blades, this way you decrease the chances of razor burn or any other post-shave irritation.

Side effects of shaving?Cuts, irritation, redness, bleeding, and ingrown hairs.

How long does shaving last?1-3 days.

Pain🔥🔥(if you don’t get a razor cuts or ingrown hairs)




Tweezing hair removal, also known by the less professional term of plucking, uses tweezers to remove hair one by one. When done correctly, it removes the entire hair from the follicle.

Okay, we probably aren’t plucking our leg hair or our chests (because who has time for that) but for the odd hair on the chin or nipple (yes, nipple hair is normal!) or for more delicate and smaller areas such as the bikini line, some may opt for plucking/tweezing.

Plucking can be tedious and when misused, can cause scrapes scabs and possible scarring when users dig the tweezers into the skin.

Side effects of plucking?Ingrown hairs, irritation, and hyperpigmentation.

How long does plucking last?Like waxing, it usually takes about 3-6 weeks for hair to grow back.




Hair Removal Creams/Depilatory Creams

Hair removal creams or depilatory creams as they are often called, work by dissolving the hair. Typically, the cream is applied in a thick layer over the treatment area and left on the skin for a few minutes before needing to be wiped off. Depilatory creams use harsh and strong chemicals which can often lead to skin irritation or reactions. They also vary in results and are not always the most effective method to remove coarse hair.

Side effects of hair removal creams?Allergic reactions, stinging, discomfort, skin irritation and chemical burns.

How long do hair removal cream results last?Like shaving, depilatory creams remove hair at the surface level. You can expect hair to return in 1-3 days.




Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal in United Kingdomis fast and reliable and offers permanent hair reduction. At LCUK, we use medical grade Candela GentleLase Pro and GentleYag Pro, the world’s most efficient hair reduction system.

There are manyadvantages of laser hair removal. Designed with sensitive skin in mind, these lasers are safe enough to be used on any part of the body and target different skin types whilst ensuring maximum results. We believe in making laser hair removal highly accessible and affordable. For this reason, we offer amazinglaser hair removal pricesand promotions. Laser is often the most cost-effective method of laser hair removal. After 5 years, waxing stacks up to anaverage cost of £1450 while laser totals £569*

How does laser work?The laser hair removal machine works by directing concentrated light into the hair follicle inhibiting the hair’s ability to grow without disrupting or damaging the skin’s surface. The laser is attracted to the hair’s pigment making it a highly accurate and comfortable hair removal method. For convenience, our lasers use a wide beam which allows the removal of multiple hair follicles at the same time.

Side effects of laser hair removal?There may be some mild heat and redness in areas that have been treated. Soothing any redness and sensitivity withSkinstitut Laser Aid, this will continue to draw heat out of the skin and keep the area cool and hydrated. Laser Aid can be purchased at all LCUK clinics and can be applied liberally for 3-5 days or until the skin has returned to its pre-treatment state.

How long does laser hair removal last?Laser offers permanent hair reduction. With every treatment, hair grows back thinner and lighted. We recommend 6-10 treatments for optimum results. After the initial course is completed, 1-2 maintenance sessions per year helps to keep skin silky smooth.




Book a complimentary consultationwith one of our experienced Laser Therapists at your nearest clinic location.

Laser Clinics United Kingdom has the most affordable laser hair removal prices andwill beat any competitor by 10%.

*Based on Female Brazilian & Underarms (non-promotional price); assumes monthly waxing; 10 laser hair removal sessions initially; 2 maintenance per year. Source: Laser Clinics United Kingdom, list price.

Different Hair Removal Options | Laser Clinics UK (2024)
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