Best Minecraft unblocked games (2024)

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. Unfortunately, Minecraft is frequently blocked from schools, workplaces, and other environments due to its fun and easy gameplay.

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While the game is easy to learn, it has enough content and replayability to keep many players playing daily and making careers out of it. The updates from Microsoft have been fairly consistent since they took over, and new content is being added all the time.

Despite its creative sandbox playstyle, Minecraft is blocked in many schools and workplaces, so you must find unblocked Minecraft games. There are a number of websites that can be used to work around it. These are commonly known as unblocked sites, and aren’t limited to Minecraft.

Below, you’ll find a list of unblocked Minecraft games and unblocked Minecraft websites. They may not be the same Minecraft you get at home, but there is a multitude of different game modes you can play as well as free play options.

How to play Minecraft unblocked

You can play unblocked Minecraft by accessing third-party websites and games like the ones below:

List of the best Minecraft unblocked games

Unblocked Games World

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This is a pretty limited Minecraft experience, but it has everything you need. The game begins in a polygon world that looks like a Minecraft world but has minimal view distances. It is straightforward, so you don’t take up much bandwidth, and your computer won’t slow down just because you’re playing a game online. You can edit the settings once you’re playing, but it will always look like a polygon version of Minecraft.

Change the settings in the top right corner to match your computer. The highest settings are for computers that would be able to play Minecraft at work without interruption if nothing prevented it. Although your viewport is small, you can always zoom in to get a better look at the game. Otherwise, the game is displayed inside the browser window, and there is no option to open the game in full screen. Either way, you will enjoy the new look of Unblocked Games World since the bright colors make it seem more welcoming.

Minecraft Unblocked Games World is free to play here.

Minecraft Classic Edition

Best Minecraft unblocked games (2)

The Minecraft experience rivals that of the original Google Site. This is the Minecraft you played in school a decade ago. The 32 different blocks are yours to use whenever you want, and you will never run out.

A multiplayer mode is also available, where you can invite friends to play with you. It does not extend beyond this version, so you won’t be able to play with anyone who isn’t in this game from this site.

If you do find this same game on other sites, then you can play with your friends who also play on those sites. For some reason, it uses the same server all over.

It is pretty basic, but if you just want to build without being distracted by anything else, it is the perfect experience. You can start a new level by pressing Esc and then generating a new level. The full screen is ideal for viewing the entire game at once, and we recommend this site as a great place to play Minecraft. It’s probably the closest you’ll get to a real Minecraft without torrenting it or playing it from a USB at work.

Minecraft Classic Edition is free to play here.

Best Minecraft unblocked games (3)

.io sites are popular for people who want to play unblocked games. Many site blockers do not attempt to block .io sites and only target well-known .com sites. This Minecraft is a 2D version of the original Minecraft played from a top-down perspective. You can still craft, build, and break blocks the same way you would. Even though this may seem unappealing, your character is constantly looking up at you, which somehow makes the game seem better than it should. This may not sound fun, but once you get used to the idea, it will feel a lot like Minecraft.

You can choose a Minecraft server or create your own and live your ideal Minecraft life without all the pesky vertical blocks. While the game looks like a low poly version of Minecraft, it plays incredibly smoothly on any computer. is perfect if you’re not comfortable going to one of the more 3D-focused Minecraft sites above. is free to play here.

Paper Minecraft

Best Minecraft unblocked games (4)

Paper Minecraft will remind many people will be reminded of Terraria. In this 2D sidescrolling version of Minecraft, players are put in a world where Minecraft is a blocky sidescroller, much like Terraria. Like Terraria, you go left to right, gathering blocks and building things up, and you need to destroy blocks that are in your way if you cannot jump high enough to go around them. This game does not elaborate much on the idea or do many things in an original way, so you have to do nothing but walk around and build things. Aim your mouse at the blocks you want to destroy and be careful because there are so many obstacles in your way.

Although this game may seem clunky, it is fun when you try it and can help you overcome any boredom you may feel from playing Minecraft the right way. You’ll still need to feed your character, so you should set up a main base and find a way to slaughter animals consistently.

Paper Minecraft is free to play here.

Kogama Minecraft

Best Minecraft unblocked games (5)

It’s not Minecraft, but one of the game modes you might see if you opened a Minecraft server. It’s similar to regular Minecraft in terms of the world it’s designed in, but it’s multiplayer-focused. It doesn’t require you to invite friends to servers or anything at all. Just load it up and you’re transported to a world specifically designed for groups of people to play together. You can build exactly how you would in Minecraft, but from a third-person perspective.

In this unblocked Minecraft game that behaves like a server, you can fly, move around, and shoot other players. This is great for people who want to play Minecraft for the fun servers and modes instead of just building aimlessly. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t stay in the noob zone for too long or other players will come by and kill you.

Kogama Minecraft is free to play here.


Playing Minecraft unblocked without restrictions through EaglerCraft offers a solution for accessing Minecraft and bypassing various blocks.

To try EaglerCraft, which closely replicates many of the game’s features and core gameplay/visuals, follow these steps:

  1. Open your web browser and go to the URL “” (without quotations).
  2. On the EaglerCraft site, choose a version of the game from the drop-down menu and click the play button. Alternatively, you can download EaglerCraft directly if your device allows downloads and installations, although this is subjective.
  3. You will be directed to a new screen within EaglerCraft where you can enable sound by pressing a key, enter your username, choose your in-game skin, and then press the “done” button to enjoy the game.

If is blocked, alternative websites can run the EaglerCraft program in web browsers, potentially avoiding blacklisting from various IP block programs. These sites include URLs like:

If these sites are not blacklisted, your web browser should be able to run the program seamlessly.

It’s essential to note that due to copyright issues related to the game’s intellectual property, EaglerCraft may not replicate all the features of the original game. While EaglerCraft is an open-source program developed from the ground up, certain features cannot be mirrored without facing legal action from Mojang and Microsoft. As a result, the program is continually evolving, with developers adhering to any demands made by the copyright holders.

Although EaglerCraft may not be a perfect Minecraft clone, it still captures much of the gameplay and features, allowing players to join servers solo or with friends to build, battle, and craft to their heart’s content.

Pixel Warfare

Best Minecraft unblocked games (6)

It is technically still Minecraft, but it does not focus on building at all. The entire world looks like the developer made it in Minecraft, and some of the outfits even seem to match those in the original Minecraft video game.

This game was made for people who are not interested in the building aspect of Minecraft and only like crazy, fun, creative servers that people build, allowing them to create exciting games which apply the Minecraft aesthetic to them.

In this game, players are given weapons, and they are tasked with killing other players in order to win. While parts of the game appear to share a similar style, as soon as you get out of the warehouses and grayer areas, you’ll be able to see that the game’s scenery matches exactly that of Minecraft.

Pixel Warfare is available to play here.

Congratulations! Now you know how to play Minecraft if it’s blocked at your school or workplace. Some of the unblocked Minecraft games may be a departure from the base game, but it has the same cosmetics, and Minecraft players will find it a pleasant break from the standard Minecraft experience.

Best Minecraft unblocked games (2024)
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