ASL Meaning in Slang: Origin, Definition, Use Cases & More (2024)

Slang terminologies are becoming too common on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, and TikTok. They are a means for shortening the length of text messages and saving time.

However, these slang phrases have also given rise to mass confusion if there exist different meanings for the same terminology. The ASL meaning in texting is mind-boggling as three different abbreviations exist for this slang term. Now let's explore what ASL exactly means in this post.

  • Part 1: Origin of ASL
  • Part 2: ASL Meaning in Slang
  • Part 3: How Do Teens Use ASL? Examples of ASL in Sentences
  • Part 4: Why Is the ASL Slang Term Considered Threatening for Teens and Kids?
  • Part 5: Get Notifications of ASL, p*rn, and More
  • Part 6: Talk with Your Kids about ASL Slang

Part 1. Origin of ASL

What is ASL? Many introverts who are not active on social media will have this query in mind. Before getting into the slang terminologies, let us have a sneak peek at the origin of this term. Originally, the ASL abbreviation is American Sign Language which was developed in the early 1800s by Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet.

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Gallaudet was inspired to define ASL by the neighbour's daughter, who was deaf. Nowadays, ASL is common in the North American continent and is used by deaf people. However, the ASL definition has undergone immense change with the rise of social media platforms in the last few decades.

Part 2. ASL Meaning in Slang

What does ASL stand for? Originally, it meant "American Sign Language," which is still in use. Another form of this acronym is A/S/L, which is an internet initialism to ask about a person's age/sex/location and is often used in online chatting. On the other hand, not just TikTok users, many users on social media platforms have developed a new meaning of ASL, which is "as hell."

One slang meaning of ASL is "Age/Sex/Location." This terminology is classified as an initialism abbreviation. This slang phrase is mostly used in Facebook messenger chats, Instagram, or Snapchat. It is a quick text for obtaining the other person's personal information in the chat. However, this may prove harmful as your personal information can be misused in the online community.

Another commonly used slang meaning of ASL is "as hell," which you will encounter most often while scrolling down the TikTok videos. This terminological meaning is classified as contraction. It is also used in online social media chats apart from TikTok.

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Part 3. How Do Teens Use ASL? Examples of ASL in Sentences

There are several ways in which teens use ASL slang terminology. Below are a few examples of using ASL on different social media platforms.

What Does ASL Mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat is a quick-go social media platform where you share pictures and messages instantly. Therefore, teens usually use short slang to get over the long messages. Thereby, the teen users utilize both the above-discussed slang meanings of ASL while chatting on the platform.

Example 1

Jamie: Hi there! You showed up in my suggested list.

Anna: Hi! How are you?

Jamie: I am great. What about you?

Anna: I am doing good. May I know your ASL to get things going?

Jamie: 25/M/Denver

Example 2

Robert: You know Mike, I woke up today famished ASL!

Javier: Yeah, you need to slow down on hitting the bars lately.

How Teens Use ASL on TikTok?

On TikTok, the use of ASL slang, meaning "as hell," is far more popular. You will most likely see this slang terminology with a hashtag in the description of a TikTok video. Moreover, in the direct chats of TikTok, teen users also use ASL slang to know other people's personal information.


You may find the use of ASL abbreviation in the description of a video. It can be with or without a hashtag.



Part 4. Why Is the ASL Slang Term Considered Threatening for Teens and Kids?

Teens using ASL slang, meaning terminologies excessively, may become problematic for concerned parents. The "age, sex, location" slang terminology is dangerous for teens because cyber criminals have infiltrated every social media platform.

Therefore, the parents are concerned that the teens or kids will share their personal information with cyber predators. Additionally, parents also want to develop good digital habits in their kids. In this context, the concerned parents take precautions and prefer to educate their kids about using slang terminologies.

Part 5. Get Notifications of ASL, p*rn, and More

Want to develop good digital habits in your kids? You need to keep an eye on their social media usage. You should use the AirDroid Parental Monitoring app for this purpose. This dynamic parental control app will notify parents whenever the kids use the ASL abbreviation in their chats.

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Furthermore, parents will also get notifications when their kids are using p*rn or indulging in other harmful activities. Hence, you can educate the kids regarding the repercussions of using the ASL slang meaning. Moreover, AirDroid Parental Monitoring app will allow you to screen mirror your kid's mobile and manage their usage remotely.

Part 6. Talk with Your Kids about ASL Slang

Chances are high that your kids will get into trouble when you find out they are using the ASL slang terminology. They might share their personal information with a potential hacker, scammer, or a cyber predator. Therefore, you must educate your kid and let them know about the repercussions of sharing personal information.

Moreover, it would help if you also keep them reminded about the harmful impacts of using ASL slang. You should talk to them politely and let them know that it is not the ideal way to grow up learning such slang.

ASL Meaning in Slang: Origin, Definition, Use Cases & More (2024)
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